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Polk Audio’s LSi25 Speakers: Big Speakers With Even Bigger Sound

Let’s face it; you can get good sound from a small speaker, but you won’t get HUGE, teeth-rattling, bone-shaking sound from something that sits on a bookshelf. No, for that kind of sound, you are going to need something bigger and more substantial. For that kind of sound you are going to need something like Polk Audio’s LSi25 speakers. As Matt Polk, founder of Polk Audio explains,

The LSi is for the serious listener; the person who really enjoys music, who sits down and intently listens to his stereo system. This person could be a serious home theater enthusiast, too. They want to hear every detail a movie soundtrack has to offer. There’s no question these speakers play loud, but the LSi Series is for the listener who is more interested in quality over quantity.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 1.40.37 PM

The LSi25 is a piece of furniture as much as it is a speaker. Each has a furniture-grade piano finish and is made from real wood veneer panels. The non-resonant 1.5” thick panels come in Cherry Wood or Ebony Wood finishes. The LSi series sits on “precisely engineered footing options, interchangable Non-Skid Leveling Feet or Carpet Spikes” to provide the speakers a high level of stability. These are big speakers that stand 49.75 inches high and are 17 inches deep.

If you are looking for speakers that will fade into the background, then the Polk Audio LSi25 speakers aren’t for you. If, however, you want speakers that look as good as they sound, then the LSi speakers may be for you.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 1.40.26 PM

Designed to work as a mirror image, the left and right speakers aren’t perfect copies of one another. Instead, while they each house the same hardware, they are each tuned for either the left channel or the right one. This provides what Polk Audio refers to as “true three-dimensional sound imaging”.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 1.47.28 PM

Inside the enclosures you’ll find an audiophile’s dream. Each speaker has two 5.25” dynamic balance drivers, a 10” subwoofer and a 1” high performance ring radiator tweeter. These work in consort with the 1.5” sidepanels. The 10” subwoofer is powered by a 150 watt internal amplifier, and the inclusion of Ring Radiator Tweeters stands out because they are usually found only in ultra-high end, luxury-priced speakers.

It isn’t just the speakers Polk Audio uses in the LSi 25 that stand out and impact the audio output. Polk Audio arranged the speakers in an advanced crossover configuration, which when combined with the multi-driver array delivers wider dispersion and greater midrange accuracy.

The result of the excellent components and thoughtful design is a speaker with a frequency response curve of 20 Hx-27 Hz, an audio sensitivity of 88dB, and an impedance of 4ohm. If you are looking for speakers that look great, use high-quality components, and that are designed in a manner which will offer the best audio experience possible, then you will want to check out the Polk Audio LSi25.

$1499.95 each

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